Cosmetic Surgery on Oprah Show, Facelift and More

Just this past week, Oprah Show pulled the curtain back on the popularity of plastic surgery – not only in this country, but in China as well. On the episode Oprah called this China’s Cosmetic Surgery Boom, or the Plastic Surgery Boom.
She showed that a popular choice in china is for the eyelid reshaping [...]

Neck Lift Surgery Risks

Like any surgical procedure, a neck lift inherently has a few possible risks or complications associated with it. The chances of these risks differs in degree depending on how much work needs to be accomplished.
It is normal to have some swelling after receiving a neck lift procedure. This may or may not be a complication [...]

Nose Lift Surgery – One of the most sought after beauty procedures

Nose lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure where the nose is reconstructed or modified to improve the looks, shapes and function. It is also known as nose job to some. Normally, this is what most people would opt for when it come to cosmetic plastic surgery. The nose is one of the precious asset in [...]

Cosmetic Laser Surgery

If having cosmetic surgery is something that you have been considering, but are afraid with the thought of incisions and blood, then you are certainly in luck. Due to the great advances in modern medicine, cosmetic laser surgery is becoming common practice in the medical world.
Cosmetic laser surgery seems to be an option which draws [...]

Hair Cosmetic Surgery For Hair Removal

Have you ever wanted to go to the beach but the thought of how people would look at you stopped you? or Do you always try to wear things that can hide the extra hair that you have? is the extra hair stopping you from going on a vacation or enjoying any event?
Hair Removal is [...]

Different Types of Lip Surgery

Another type of cosmetic surgery would be the one concerning the lower part of the face. No, its not the chin. Its the lip. The lip is one of the beauty asset that a person possessed aside from the eyes and the nose. Since the lip is plays a part of the whole package that [...]

Want A Face Lift Surgery?

Aging will slowly reduces skin elasticity, giving you loose sagging jowls, chin and facial skin. A face lift plastic surgery can repairs the lower part of your face. If you add a combination of eyelid surgery and a brow lift, which improves the eye and forehead areas, you can expect a new look of youthfulness.
A [...]

Eyelid Plastic Surgery Guarantees Youthful Look?

It is natural for human being to want to remain young and beautiful for the greater part of our lives. Thus, it is alright to seek different solutions to enchance your body and facial appearance. The cosmetic eyelid surgery is one of the most popular options for women and for men as well.
The eyelid plastic [...]

Gynecomastia Surgery – Remove Your Man Boobs!

Gynecomastia is a greek term, with the first front “gyne” meaning “woman” and “mastos” meaning “breast”. Nothing is wrong with that, IF it is on a woman. But this term is usually referred to the male counterpart instead. So, what does a man got to do with “woman’s breast”?
Well, it is actually a condition where [...]

Facial Liposuction

The process of sucking excessive fat out of our body. It was originally designed for body contouring. It is one of the most common and most popular cosmetic procedures for removing fat. These fat are usually fat that even exercising can not burn off.
Facial liposuction concern with the area of the face. It is quickly [...]

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