10 Risks Of Plastic Surgery

Try asking someone this: “Do you want to look better than the you now?”

Most likely you will get the answer, “Yes!”.

But when you ask: “Do you want to undergo certain cosmetic plastic surgery for the sake of beautifying yourself?”
And then, most of them would reply you with “No!”.

The main reason is due to the phobia of going under the knife. And most of them have heard of the case where operation wound never heal, surgical tools left inside the body, surgical scar remains visible and also the cost. But mostly their concern is the post surgery effect.

Plastic Surgery

There are few post surgery effet that anyone who wanted to go for surgery be aware of. These so called effect are blood loss, brain damage, blood clot, infections, airway obstruction, hypothermia, decrease in blood pressure, nerve damage, heart complication and the smallest possibility, death.

1. Blood loss

Blood loss is normal during surgery. Any cut would excrete blood. But then, accident do happen sometimes when the surgeon operating is not careful. And it is wise to let the surgeon operating know of any previous history of excessive bleeding or the low hemoglobin levels, if any. Excessive bleeding including accident or any bleeding situation in the past.

2. Brain damage

This not so common but then, if the patient is not given enough blood, he might experience slight amnesia or other brain complications. Make sure your surgeon is skilled and you are insured, just in case things went wrong or there is shortage in your blood type.

3. Blood clot

Any injury to the body will stimulate the immune system to react. The immune system will try to fix and prevent that area from spreading. It does this by blocking or freezing the area. All thanks to the platelets in our blood. It is alright when it is at the right place. But what happen when it builds up and dislodge from its original location? It may get stuck in different part of the blood circulation system. Even worse is if it get stuck in the brain. The result would either be major stroke or death.

4. Infections

Infections are very common after any surgery. Therefore, for those who have undergone any type of surgery, whether its for beauty or health purpose, please heed your doctors’ advice and take medication as prescribed. Failing that would make your operation wound to be vulnerable against germs and infections.

5. Airways obstruction

This is so if general anesthesia is performed. Usually the tube inserted through your throat and into your lungs may cause irritation and difficulty in breathing. Muscle spasm can occur in your vocal cords and can cause you to vomit.

6. Hypothermia

In some cases, there those who underwent surgery will experience it. Body temperature can rise drastically and can cause death if not reduce immediately

7. Decrease in blood pressure

This is usually so during and after operation. Any sudden drop in blood pressure may cause heart attack. So, your surgeon should take note of the blood supplies in the blood bank before proceeding with any operation.

8. Heart complication

As related to the previous statement

9. Nerve damage

Accident may occur, even in the operation theater. Since nerve is a very delicate system in our body, once its damage, there is almost next to zero chances of recovery.

10. Death

Literally interpreted. Cause: Any of the above excessively.

Therefore it is very important to remember that you should select surgeon carefully. Check for their credibility and reputation. The most useful hint would be to find out who has just recently went through any cosmetic surgical procedure and ask for their recommendation.

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