What is Cosmetic Dermatology?

DermatologyCosmetic dermatology plays a part in the field of medicine. It mainly deals with the skin abnormalities and diseases, its diagnosis, cure, medication and also prevention. Doctors who practice in this fields are better known as dermatologist. Dermatologist are known to have extensive knowledge and training regarding the topic. They are the one to look for should any of you need treatment for specific skin condition.

Apart from the diagnosis and healing part, dermatologist are also known to be able to perform a variety of cosmetic works. That’s where cosmetic dermatologist comes in. In actual fact, dermatologist plays double role: to prevent certain skin problems and also to beautify.

Upon consultation, they can prescribe effective medication such as antibiotics for skin problems. These comes in the form of capsule or ointment. And for prevention from skin problems such as acne and wrinkle, they are capable of performing simple and latest treatment on it.

These likely treatment are skin peeling for acne prevention and the use of laser technology for wrinkle treatment. They do provide aging remedies and many other forms of treatments. Those looking to have their fat under the skin remove, a dermatlogist would likely be the person to seek help from.

Anyway, it does not matter how perfect the skin might seem. Chances are that a person has had at least one kind of skin problem in their life. These problems usually sets at age 11 to 15, when puberty sets in. And the most common one is acne, also known as pimples by most.

This skin problem are normally due to the surge in the hormones of teenagers. But studies shows that stress and the environment also contributes to the growth of acne.

Although there are various over-the-counter products that can help overcoming skin problems, chances are that scarring can happen sometimes. For this, it is important to consult a skilled cosmetic dermatologist for advises.

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