Cosmetic Laser Surgery

If having cosmetic surgery is something that you have been considering, but are afraid with the thought of incisions and blood, then you are certainly in luck. Due to the great advances in modern medicine, cosmetic laser surgery is becoming common practice in the medical world.

Cosmetic laser surgery seems to be an option which draws many attentions these days. Many people are interested in getting rid of their skin problems with a minimum effort no matter the costs.


Lasers have become useful in an assortment of different surgical procedures since their invention in the late 1950s. Doctors first began to use lasers in cosmetic surgery in order to treat acne scars and other blemishes. It was during these procedures that wrinkles surrounding the affected areas were also reduced.

It is common practice for doctors to undertake laser surgery for a variety of procedures. One of these particular procedures is a non surgical face lift. During this procedure, the doctor uses a laser the burn away the skins outer layer, which exposes the new skin cells that lie underneath. By using laser surgery, there’s a greater control of the depth in which the part that is being treated is provided. It is also possible for the doctor to pinpoint collagen groups and use the laser to strengthen those groups and make them firmer.

The removal of unsightly body hair is another type of cosmetic surgery involving laser surgery. When undertaking this procedure, the doctor will either apply a cold gel to the area that is affected by this problem, or use a laser device that contains a built-in cold applicator. The laser beam is then used to target the melanin that is contained in the hair. The hair follicle is then destroyed because of the extreme heat that is produced by the laser. It may be necessary to undergo several treatments to completely eradicate the growth of hair, as it may continue to grow in the ruined follicle.

There are of course many different types of cosmetic laser surgery as well as the above two mentioned procedures. However, both of the above procedures are more successful when they are used on people who have complexions of a lighter and fairer tone.

However, there are a few problems with this approach, some bigger than others. An important issue is that many people misunderstood the term. Just because the doctor uses laser, you should never forget about the word “surgery”. As any other surgery, it has a few risks. Most people think that this will never happen to them, but you need to take every single possibility into mind before considering cosmetic laser surgery. By the way, these procedures may not always be successful of those individuals with darker complexions.

The risk of a long recovery period is always present. A lot of people want to take the procedure because it offers quick results. This happens because doctors says that the recuperation will last between 2 days and 2 weeks. Most people assume that, in their case, everything will be done in less than 4 days. This way, they will have a problem when they realize that 2 weeks with pain and exposed skin is not something they would enjoy doing.

However, that was just a small problem. Other people end up with permanent damage. Any doctor will tell you that cosmetic laser surgery can lead to white spots. If this happens, there is nothing you can do to stop it. That part of your skin will always stand out.

Another inconvenient would be the price. At this rate, you can buy a lifetime supply of natural creams. And unlike cosmetic laser surgery, these creams can actually work without any risk. If fact, if you think about it, natural creams does not take more than 2 weeks to show effects. It does not include any type of damage and the price is quite low.

Even better, while cosmetic laser surgery will only clear the visible problem and will leave your body intact, a good natural cream will always make your body produce the proteins you need for perfect skin. This way, the results will be permanent and you will feel like new person inside and out.

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