Different Types of Lip Surgery

Another type of cosmetic surgery would be the one concerning the lower part of the face. No, its not the chin. Its the lip. The lip is one of the beauty asset that a person possessed aside from the eyes and the nose. Since the lip is plays a part of the whole package that makes a person beautiful, thus the are a lot of tools and solution created for enhancing the visibility. One example would be the invention of lipstick.

smile-main_FullHowever, lipstick is just a colouring tool that helps making the lip more visible. It cannot help in situation where by the lip is either too thin or too thick or deformed or without any lip at all.

Different people comes with different type of lip. It is due to genetic reason. However, not all who has it are happy with the way it is. Some may have just feel content with the look it of it but most prefer to alter it in some sort of ways. And that is the reason why cosmetic facial surgery has included a new category into the field: cosmetic lip surgery.

Cosmetic lip surgery helps with changing the shape and size of the lip. One example would be the lip augmentation surgery.

Lip augmentation surgery is a type of surgery that uses fillers to make the lip more thicker. The most popular is Botox. These fillers have their “shelf life”. As in the case of Botox, it only last for several months before the patient need to go for refilling.

Cosmetic plastic surgeon also make the point that some fillers are more appropriate for certain areas than others. Semi-permanent fillers may be a good idea for areas around the lips and for the lipstick lines. But it is not a good idea for the inner lip, as it might develop visible clumping around the lips.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are mostly recommended by many cosmetic plastic surgeons as the safest fillers for the inner lip. Although safe, the life span is only aboout 3 to 6 months. Therefore, repetition will become a routine.

Collagen is a more permanent selection than hyaluronic acid. However, the price is much more higher as compared to the latter. There are cases where excess fat cells from elsewhere in the body are extracted with liposuction and transplanted into the lip. Sound disgusting but it helps to reduce the cost of buying fillers. Imagine this. Doing liposuction and lip augmentation surgery at the same time.

Apart from the sake of beautifying, cosmetic lip surgery are also performed on those with deformed lip. Deformed lip case would usually be called cleft lip and palate. It (cleft lip or palate) occur in about one in 500 to 900 births. It is also generally known as hare lip due to the similarity of the look.

The surgery performed on this are usually reconstruction process. And it should be done at a very young age especially during the stage as an infant. Not only this process will form a more normal-looking face, but it will also help with the various speech problems a child will have if tring to learn to speak with a cleft lip and palate.

To conclude, lip surgery is a process that not only beautify but also helps, especially on a child with the said abnormalities.

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