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People love to beautify themselves for many reasons. From attracting the opposite gender to boosting self confidence to making oneself look young. One such factor is, of course, the eye. The eye remains the most concentrated part on the face. Usually people are more attracted to the eyes rather than any part of the face. Therefore, a tired or sleepy eye makes u look old and unattractive.

Thanks to technology nowadays, there are lots of ways to improve the looks of the eye. one such method is eyelid surgery. Most asian are born with single eyelid. This makes their eye looks small and boring. The eyelid does not fold unlike the double one. The process of the surgery is to make the eyelid folds, naturally, so that it creates what we perceive as the double eyelid.


Plastic surgery of the eyelids is effective for making puffy, baggy and tired eyes looks more youthful and awake. It can lift droopy lids and strengthen weak lids. It can improve baggy lids by drawing out excess skin. It can improve puffiness by removing excess fat. The benefit of double eyelid compare to the single is that, mascara can be applied easily. on top of that, the colour of the mascara can be easily noticed.

The need for eyelid surgery is surging. However, each individual have their own limitation for the eyelid surgery. It depends on their concerns and the condition of their eyelids. For example, some people only need to improved their upper lids, others on their lower lids and some people, both. Some only need to skin removal procedure, others fat and some both. Not forgetting to mention that, eye lift would be needed on droopy eye lid, while others do not.

Plastic surgeon should give advices according to the clients’ conditions and concerns. They should design a plan for them and not going overboard. This is so that, the client can truly enjoy the fruit of the operation and not the opposite, or worse. Eyelid surgery does not improve on crow’s feet, droopy eyebrows, scowl lines and hoods that droop down from the outer corner of the eyelids. These are problems related to wrinkles.

The length of eyelid surgery will take usually 30 to 90 minutes. AFter the surgery, clients are required to rest for recovery. These recovery period will take around 2 to 6 weeks. During the first three days of recovery period, clients will experience mild pain. These pain will be controlled with prescription oral pain medication. swelling and bruising will improve within 3 to 14 days, depending on the extent of surgery. Do place ice compresses on the eyes for 1 to 3 days to help speeding the recover.

Overall, the eyelid surgery is not a bad procedure to beautify oneself. It is safe and fast. It makes our eyes looks more youthful and awake. And it does not require any complicating recovery medicine or exercise. No bandages involved. However, one should consider properly before going for it.

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