Going For Ear Plastic Surgery? What You Need To Know!

earEar plastic surgery is a type of cosmetic facial surgery, also known as Otoplasty. Our face is made of a number of different elements working together.

Each part is individually essential, but none of them can create a look on their own. Although its not as popular as compared to the nose or eye, the ear is a very prominent feature of a person’s face.

Any deformity or asymmetry is easily notice. And should a person have any form of ear deformity, he will most likely to suffer from great emotional and psychological damage. This is due to another person’s reaction towards their flaws.

Most of the time, children are more likely to suffer from the stares and teasing of other children. Parents noticing this are quite often sending their children for this surgery. They did so in order to prevent further emotional stress caused by the teasing and stares.

There are a number of plastic surgery procedures and operations available to help with reforming or reconstruction of any ear abnomalities. This goes from pinning back ears that stick out like Mickey Mouse to resizing the size of the ear. Not forgetting that the surgery may also reposition ears that are not symmetrical.

Sometimes, lobe repair and also full reconstruction for the ear. Usually, for the full ear reconstruction, it is either because the patient lost the ear due to certain unfortunate circumstances such as accidents or diseases. It is done with the purpose of giving back the patient’s the opportunity to live life normally.

One fact about the ear is that, the ear completes its growth, most of the time, by the time a child reach the age of four. At this age onwards, all sorts of changes can be made to the ear permanently.

Another  interesting fact is that, most of the patients who undergo ear plastic surgery are children age between 4 to 15. It is recommended that should parents notice any deformities in the ear of the child, it is best that they send their child to undergo plastic surgical procedure for the ear. As mentioned before, this is to prevent any emotional damage been done upon them due to such a small flaw. Well, children like to tease! Ear plastic surgery although performed on lots of children is also performed on adults succefully.

One of the type of flaws is the symmetry issues. It involved in the placement and the shaping of ther ears. It is not uncommon for doctors, before the surgery procedure, to take several photos and even castings of the ears. This is done to provide the doctors themselves with all the information that they need in order to provide the best possible procedure or course of action for the patients individual needs.

Most ear plastic surgery procedures takes around 2 to 3 hours. It is mostly done as an outpatients in the surgeon’s rooms under a local anesthetic. The recovery time is also forgivably short. Most patients have returned to their daily normal activities such as work or school within a week after the operation.

Of course, as for the full ear reconstructions, which is a much more complex procedure, it is required to be performed in a hospital under a general anesthetic. The operation and recovery can take considerably longer than the others.

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