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Have you ever wanted to go to the beach but the thought of how people would look at you stopped you? or Do you always try to wear things that can hide the extra hair that you have? is the extra hair stopping you from going on a vacation or enjoying any event?

Hair Removal is one of the most subjects that people are trying to avoid talking about. People are missing the beauty of hair removal and are concentrating on the negative sides of the hair removal. It is time for the people to know more and be educated about hair removal procedure and also the side effects.

BeachWalkMany people are experiencing the growth of unwanted hair whether it is on the back, shoulder, face and anywhere else. The extra hair on the body is really annoying for most of the people. And they usually would try to hide it nor even talk about it. Personally, I have that problem too and that is why I am trying to help other people with finding the right solution for it.

Since this is a hair removal topic, I will try to explain to you what you have to do in details which I hope will change your life, as I said before many people will change their lifestyle just to deal with the extra hair that always seems to bother them.

There are many ways to remove the hair but bear in mind that there are ways that are permanent and then there are others which only give temporary results.

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular methods. The procedure is being used in the market but you have to know that it’s not considered as a permanent method since the hair might grow again.

The Electrolysis hair removal method is another method and is considered as the most effective in removing the hair. On the other side it costs too much. It can be painful and time consuming as well.

There are many ways for temporary methods that you can use like waxing, sugaring, cream and shaving and it is less expensive than the permanent methods but it will last for few weeks and then you have to do the whole process all over again. This way could only produce two outcomes: 1, The hair will not grow anymore. And 2, The hair will grow faster and thicker due to growth stimulation by shaving again and again.

Anyway, I’m going to cover one of the method only which is the Laser hair removal method.

What exactly is laser hair removal?

In 1995 the Federal and Drug Administration approved laser hair removal but the idea of using a laser to remove unwanted hair from the body has been given close consideration since the early 1980’s. The actual procedure occurs when using a high intensity light beam and focusing it specifically on hair that is in the growth stage. The laser then heats up the hair and targets the melanin in a hair follicle. When the light is absorbed at the root of the follicle during the growth stage of a hair’s life. It also absorbs an intense heat that destroys follicle at the root permanently.

Will laser hair removal work for my skin?

When the procedure was first introduced in the mid 90s, individuals with darker skin complexion were warned that this type of procedure could produce some unsightly scarring that could potentially be long-term. Well in ten years time there has been some huge leaps in technology and now the light emitting guns are extremely advanced. The light now only targets the follicle and the surface of skin is left unaffected and undamaged.

It is important to choose an experienced and qualified person that uses the most advanced equipment and will perform the procedure with absolute precision. The professionals at the laser hair removal center should be absolutely sure what skin type you have and they should also be able to disclose how many treatments that it should take to permanently remove your hair.

How much will this cost?

Most packages consist of six treatment’s and the range of prices can go from $100 to $450 per treatment. The two factors that should weigh in on is where you should go to receive your treatment is who you’re comfortable with and how much you can afford.

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