Nose Lift Surgery – One of the most sought after beauty procedures

noseNose lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure where the nose is reconstructed or modified to improve the looks, shapes and function. It is also known as nose job to some. Normally, this is what most people would opt for when it come to cosmetic plastic surgery. The nose is one of the precious asset in beauty.

The procedure and outcome of nose lift surgery depends on the needs and concern of each individual. The Asians would prefer to straighten the bridge of the nose. They want their nose to appear narrower. This can be done through the use of infractures. This means that the nasal bones are broken and moved in or to thin out the nasal area. Projection are added in the process.

The Africans would prefer to have smaller nose bell and more portruding nose. Smaller nostrils is one of the main choices. This procedure consist of removing the sections of the base of the nostrils. The tip of the nose can be restructured by removing tiny sections of cartillage.

The Caucasians prefers only to remove the bumps on the bridge. Different needs can be seen here.

The nose lift surgery involves nasal bridge augmentation. The incisions are made on the inside of the nose and are not visible except for a small incision on the base of the nose. With that, the doctors can view the bone and cartillage structure easily. This also enables them to see how the bone and cartillage can be altered. the skin is lifted from the bone structure. The first task is to smooth any humps found. After that, the remaining part is filed and the surface is made smooth. The  most common procedure is to reduce the width of the tip of the nose. Sometimes the nasal bones are positioned in such a way that the upper part of the nose is wide. Cuts are made along the lengtth of the nose and push it in to reduce the width. After these procedures are completed, the nose is dressed.

Next, would be the post operative care. During this period, it is very important to have someone to take care and stay with the client especially when they sleep. They are there to watch over the client and to maintain their sleeping position. The client have to rest their head on multiple pillows for the first few weeks. The head must be kept in elevated position. Try to avoid bending and other strenuous jobs. Always keep the dressing clean and take care of it. If needed, refers to professional dresser for the change. The patient might experience a bit of discomfort in breathing. This is due to the swelling. Nasal spray can be used to clear off dried up blood in the nostrils. However, do not ever blow nose. Normally, the recovery will take up around 7 to 10 days. Other normal activities should be in accordance with the surgeon’s guidlines.

Therefore, nose lift surgery is simply one of the most sought after beautifying process. Although there are nose lift process which does not require any skins to be remove, the nose lift surgery gives better result and more permanent.

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