Cosmetic Surgery on Oprah Show, Facelift and More

Just this past week, Oprah Show pulled the curtain back on the popularity of plastic surgery – not only in this country, but in China as well. On the episode Oprah called this China’s Cosmetic Surgery Boom, or the Plastic Surgery Boom.
She showed that a popular choice in china is for the eyelid reshaping [...]

Eyelid Plastic Surgery Guarantees Youthful Look?

It is natural for human being to want to remain young and beautiful for the greater part of our lives. Thus, it is alright to seek different solutions to enchance your body and facial appearance. The cosmetic eyelid surgery is one of the most popular options for women and for men as well.
The eyelid plastic [...]

Eyelid Surgery – Fast, Easy, Safe!

People love to beautify themselves for many reasons. From attracting the opposite gender to boosting self confidence to making oneself look young. One such factor is, of course, the eye. The eye remains the most concentrated part on the face. Usually people are more attracted to the eyes rather than any part of the face. [...]

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